Programme / IV. A The Journey of Refugee Scientists

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Day 3

Thursday / 9 nov

11:30 - 13:00

Thematic session:
IV. A The Journey of Refugee Scientists
Organised by:  TWAS
Venue: King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre, Mount Nebo 1&2 - S 6&7 - Sea Floor

We are living in an historic period of global dislocation and migration. In the Middle East/North Africa alone, war and civil conflict in recent years have forced millions of people to leave their homes. Most have arrived in adjoining countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Some 1.5 million have arrived in Europe. Others have travelled as far as South Africa, Malaysia, Canada and Brazil.

Among them are uncounted thousands of professionals and students in science-related fields. For example, by one count, Syria had 31,000 doctors before its civil war. Today, half are gone. Meanwhile, other displaced and refugee scientists from across the region are scattered to neighbouring countries, or to Europe and North America. There is an urgent need to help them continue their careers so as to avoid the irreversible loss of scientific capital; they will be of utmost importance when the time comes to rebuild their conflict-torn countries and economies.