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Dr. Biljana Gjoneska

MK representative , Young Physician Leaders Program, InterAcademy Partnership (class of 2011)


Dr. Biljana Gjoneska (MD, PhD) is national representative in the Young Physician Leader Program… (more)

Dr. Biljana Gjoneska (MD, PhD) is national representative in the Young Physician Leader Program (class of 2011, IAP), and works as a Research Associate at the Academy of Sciences and Arts of North Macedonia.


She combines her knowledge from natural and social sciences, complements her expertise in Neuropolitics, Neuroethics, Neurinformatics, and implements conjunct methodologies from behavioral economics (Game Theory), social psychology (Decision Theory and Theory of Mind), as well as neurology (Quantitative Electroencephalography). The resulting insights on the behavioral and neurophysiological correlates of ideological group-decision processes and the leader-follower dynamics, shed light on (dis)trust in leaders, decision makers, and fellow group members. 


The theoretical considerations on the negative impact of blind adherence to one’s group and leaders, are combined with empirical insight on the positive outcomes of various leadership initiatives. So far, her role of national representative in various international projects enabled individual and societal benefits. Thus, Dr. Gjoneska approaches the subject of Leadership both as scientific researcher and practical manager, by exploring the negative and positive aspects, the bad risks and best practices of this role.


In addition to her excellent proficiency in English and the South Slavic group of languages, she is also fluent in Italian. Most importantly, Dr. Gjoneska likes to cover long distances and discover distant spaces, whether by running (as in sports through half-marathons), or graceful walking (as in life through everyday situations).


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