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Mrs Marion West

Co-Ordinator Science Engagement: Hartebeesthoek Site, SARAO


B.Sc. (Physics & Applied Maths; Wits) 1983 … (more)

B.Sc. (Physics & Applied Maths; Wits) 1983

B.Sc. Hons (Physics; Rhodes) 1984

M.Sc. with distinction (Physics - Astronomy; UNW) 1998


Employed at the Hartebeesthoek radio Astronomy Observatory since February 1985.

Monitoring of OH/IR stars, using the Hartebeesthoek 26-m Radio Telescope from 1985 to 1996.

Continued analysis of data from 10-year monitoring programme - up to current time.

Involvement in Science Engagement from early 1990s up to current time.  In particular, assisting with hosting Public Visits and school visits to the Hartebeesthoek Site.