Programme / Plenary Session II. The Ethics of Science Funding

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Day 2

Thursday / 21 NOV

15:00 - 16:30

Plenary session:
Plenary Session II. The Ethics of Science Funding
Venue: Ceremonial Hall - Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Today scientific research is driven by curiosity, technological and societal needs and challenges. Scientific research is institutionalised a long time ago and uses significant amount of public and private funds. The researchers are in most cases employees of public and private institutions or firms. The status and prestige or the profit of these institutions or firms depend on the productivity and results of the research they conduct and involved in. Similarly the advancement, the status, the prestige, the income and therefore the living standard of the researchers depend on their results and effectivity. All these lead to a slashing competition between institutions and also between researchers among others for funding.

What are the most important ethical issues of research funding in this highly competitive environment?