Programme / Thematic Sessions II. e. Sustainable Agriculture

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Day 2

Thursday / 21 NOV

17:00 - 18:30

Thematic session:
Thematic Sessions II. e. Sustainable Agriculture
Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Reading Room

Nowadays, especially in developed countries we tend to take it for granted that we have access to healthy and abundant food as well as to safe drinking water. However, it was not like this even decades ago – moreover it is still not the case in large part of the world. No matter how far we push the boundaries of agricultural intensification, we must face with the fact that the resources of our planet are finite. In order to ensure the best utilisation of the ecological resources a paradigm shift is imperative: a sustainable agriculture and industrial production must be achieved. Evidently a wide-ranging international cooperation is needed to promote the responsible and sustainable use of ecosystem resources. Science-based evidences should be the basis of dialogues between the stakeholders, such as governments, regulators and NGOs.