Programme / Youth at the WSF - Youth, Social Transformation and Science

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Tuesday / 6 DEC

9:00 - 11:00

Side event:
Youth at the WSF - Youth, Social Transformation and Science
Venue: Meeting Rooms 1.41-1.42

Youth from UNESCO World Heritage and Biosphere sites are inviting the WSF participants to join them and discuss their topics in a fast rotating format.

The venue will be set up in a café format with guests joining a table/topic for 15 or 20 minutes. Each table will have a banner explaining the theme and questions for the conference participants. The host will recapitulate what previous guests have mentioned and invite further comments.

Each table will have a question displayed on a poster and posters capturing what previous guests have brought in.

Tentative questions are

  • How can young people in rural areas be involved in ‘science’?
  • Does science only offer opportunities for employment in cities?
  • Does equal access to science just globalise so all societies become the same?
  • To make us resilient against events like Covid, should science focus on making us less dependent on products from far away?
  • Does digitalisation destroy local entrepreneurship?

UNESCO will support the youth group to produce a video and report with the outcomes; a young communication expert will be part of the event to produce social media content.