Ethics and Responsibility will be the main theme of World Science Forum 2019

In 2019, the Forum will also celebrate 20 years of history in science diplomacy, commemorating the 1999 UNESCO World Conference on Science held in Budapest and the prominent role the World Science Forum series has played in bringing together leaders of the world of science ever since. As László Lovász, President of WSF 2019 explained, the main theme of WSF 2019 is also a reflection to the topic of the original 1999 conference: The Ethics and Responsibility of Science.

Plenary sessions and lectures will focus on the ethical considerations in scientific discoveries and also on ethical issues appearing in the day-to-day conduct of science marked by technological revolutions in many scientific disciplines including bioengineering, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence or data science. The rapid expansion in human knowledge presents a new challenges for public science funders and economic and social return on the investment in science is a concern for the general public and financial investors alike.

The ambition of the Steering Committee and WSF partner organisations including UNESCO, ISC, AAAS, IAPTWAS and EASAC is to discuss these fundamental questions and present how new developments and new discoveries bring new responsibilities for researchers, science funders and science communicators as well. The programme will also reflect on the results of the 2017 World Science Forum in Jordan and will look ahead to the 2021 event to be organised in South Africa.

In 2019 the flow of traditional plenary and thematic sessions will be completed by keynote lectures and bottom-up thematic suggestions allowing for greater public engagement. World Science Forum will again challenge scientists, policymakers and various other stakeholders in their ability to discuss about the complex realities of science in Budapest.

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