On the Road to World Science Forum Cape Town

A promotional video was released on YouTube on 17 October 2022 by SciCom - Making Sense of Science, in anticipation of the upcoming 10th edition of the World Science Forum, which will have as its main theme "Science for Social Justice".

Here is a short summary of the introduction to the video on YouTube:

The World Science Forum 2022 is expected to be perhaps the most critical gathering of global science and society stakeholders since before the pandemic struck. Critical not only in the sense that a who's who of policymakers, researchers and grassroots activists get to meet face to face and ignite conversations about what needs to happen next, but also insofar as the theme of social justice and social injustice has never been more evident for the global collective.

This promotional video made by SciCom - Making Sense of Science, a company based in Brussels, Belgium and Cape Town, South Africa, briefly introduces the International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA), a prestigious partner organization to the World Science Fora, to give a flavour as to why the creation and stewardship of such partnerships forms the glue of the  global science diplomacy systems. The mainstay of the video is a short history of the World Science Forum now preparing for its 10th edition as it continues to tour the world and visit the African continent for the first time. The thematic bulk of the video is a politico-scientific-health discussion organised as a  key international panel at the December 2021 Science Forum South Africa. Moderated and hosted by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), it investigates the question: "If Covid-19 is the 9/11 moment for global science advice, what needs to happen next?”.

The panel debate with speakers from five continents includes Sir Peter Gluckman, the President of the International Science Council; Prof. Rémi Quirion, the Chief Scientist of Quebec and President of the International Network for Governmental Science Advice; Dr. Miyoko O. Watanabe, then Executive Director of the Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST); Prof. Derrick Swartz, a senior Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology of South Africa and Prof. Ene Ergma, the former Speaker of the House of Estonia.

The promotional video can be watched on YouTube.

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