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Dr Lilliam Margarita Álvarez Díaz

Academic Secretary, Merit Member of the Cuban Academy, Academy of Sciences of Cuba


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BSc Faculty of Physics of Havana University 1971. MSc. Nuclear Physics 1976. Participated in international courses and training periods in Hungary 1978-1979, in the Stefan Banach Center, Poland 1986 in the ICTP, Trieste, Italy.

Ph.D. in Physics-Mathematics, Moscow, 1989, ex-USSR Academy of Sciences. Founded the Group of Numerical Analysis in the Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics1986, where also was Deputy director 1990-2002. National Director of Sciences of the Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Environment of Cuba, 2002-2010.

In 1999 took part of the Cuban official delegation in the World Summit of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary, participating in the issues of the importance of Basic Sciences and Women in Sciences.

Author of a popular Book titled “Being woman in sciences or dying in the intent”, 2011.

Member and Co-chair of the IANAS Program for Women of Sciences 2013-2017.  

Has published more than 70 papers and author of several books.

Awarded in 2001 with the National Medal Carlos Finlay for relevant contributions to the Cuban Sciences.

TWAS Fellow 2008, was one of 30 invited personalities to contribute to the special TWAS Newsletter in occasion of TWAS 30 Anniversary in 2016, with the Article “Maths are a must for solving problems”.

Member ICSU Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean 2014-2018.  

Since 2017 is the Cuban Ambassador for the Committee of Women in Math, CMW, International Mathematical Union, IMU.

Merit member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, elected Academic Secretary since 2010-.