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Mrs Milicent Bambo

Group Assistant, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research


I am Millicent Bambo, I have a degree in Public Administration and Communication Facilitation;… (more)

I am Millicent Bambo, I have a degree in Public Administration and Communication Facilitation; currently I am studying an Honors Degree in Public Administration; only left with 1 (one module) to complete my degree. I am working at the CSIR  under the Data Intensive Research Initiative of South (DIRISA) which is a component of the National Integrated Cyberinfrastructure System; its function promotes, enables and cordinates a intensive data research ecosystem in support of national science and strategic priorities.  This accomplished through several key objectives, including the provisio of a robust and advanced national data infrastructure services, the promotion of sound data stewardship practices and the development of underpinning expertise in data management and data intensive research. DIRISA operates as an overaching national data organisation and as such, advocates research data sharing, coordinates publicly funded initiatives and advises on strategic agenda for data intensive research.


My role and responsibility at DIRISA is to contribute in many ways to the research projects, conduct literature reviews, collect and analyze data. Prepare materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations, Prepare articles, reports and presentations. Attend area seminars, conferences and meetings. Attend project meetings and prepare progress reports. Assist with preparation of all educational and training workshops and evaluation strategies. Perform miscellaneous job duties as assigned,