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Prof. Dr Goran Bandov

International Relations and Sustainable Development Department Head, University of Zagreb


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  • Full Professor of the International Relations and Diplomacy, University of Zagreb
  • Foreign Affairs Committee of Croatian Parliament Advisory Member (4thmandate)
  • World Academy of Art and Science Associate Fellow
  • Global Young Academy Fellow
  • Science Policy Advice Committee of the InterAcademy Partnership Member

  • Rotary Peace Fellow 2017
  • Croatian Club of Rome Executive Committee Member
  • Croatian Young Academy Initiative Co-founder and co-lead
  • Science diplomat
  • Science populariser
  • Foreign policy media commentator

Prof. Goran Bandov PhD, Lawyer and Political Scientist, is a European expert in Diplomacy, International Relations and International Law with focus on Human and Minority Rights, Peace Studies and Sustainable Development. Bandov earned his Master in Law at the University of Osijek (2003), Master of Peace and Security Studies at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies in Hamburg (2005), PhD in Philosophy and Social Sciences at the University of Hamburg (2009) and his postdoctoral specialization at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (2017).


Prof. Bandov is Foreign Affairs Committee of Croatian Parliament advisory member in the 4th mandate. In this role, he is an adviser of the Croatian Parliament in foreign and European policy.


He is an active popularizer of science and science diplomat. Professor Bandov is a very active foreign policy media commentator in the Croatian, Balkan and European media with over 1.200 media appearances, comments and interviews in the last five years.