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Mr Khutso Fenyane

System developer, Mindworx


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I hold a BSc Chemistry degree which has exposed me to vigorous practical experiments and

intensive chemistry research which made me appreciate this opportunity as I will make

immense contribution to this company, while at meantime will be acquiring adequate

experience and expand my research skills. These opportunities capacitated me to always


remain resources and innovative whenever tackling different tasks.



I currently enrolled with Digital Transformation and Introduction to Quantum Computing Program which are helping me to explore some of the element associated with utilizing current technology and negate the impact of the unfolding future disruptions. I'm also on a training of System Development ( NQF Level 5) with Mindworkx and through Banking and Digital Disruption (NQF Level 5) acquired from Novia One I was exposure to various business models especial in the financial sector and I'm now exploring different programming languages helping me to optimally solve challenges in financial space and other data related gaps. I would really appreciate this opportunity as it will allow me to perfectly apply myself while acquiring enormous skills as well.