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Dr Hafeez Hafeez

Senior Lecturer, Federal University Dutse


Dr. Hafeez Yusuf Hafeez (h-index = 19, i10-index=24, > 60 publications, > 1000 citations) is… (more)

Dr. Hafeez Yusuf Hafeez (h-index = 19, i10-index=24, > 60 publications, > 1000 citations) is an experienced researcher and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics, Federal University Dutse, Jigawa state, Nigeria with his interests in the fields of 2D nanomaterials property studies and their molecular functionalization to integrate the sensing, solar cell, electrocatalysis and solar fuel (Hydrogen) generation research areas. He obtained his Ph.D in Nanoscience from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India in 2018 and his doctoral work focused on the Design and development of solar-light driven organic/inorganic hybrid materials (especially metals, metal-oxide based catalysts) for photocatalytic solar fuel (Hydrogen) production.

Dr. Hafeez’s long term aspiration is to become a research Professor at Federal University Dutse with a well-established laboratory that will train many researchers. The present academic position fits well with my profile and targeting high-quality research, mentoring students and achieving some administrative experience. He is highly interested in research, especially catalyst design for solar-driven water splitting, photoelectrochemical applications and other related fields. He expects to publish results from this project in high-impact journals (e.g Springers, Elsevier, ACS, RSC group, Nature group and so on). He also aims at publishing articles for science dissemination and participates in international conferences to exchange knowledge and to develop national and international collaboration. He is disseminating his research to the wider public. He aspires to create a large community of researchers in my area of research in Europe and the world at large.