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Mr Chimwemwe Kapichi

Member, Malawi Astronomy Club


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Career Summary

astrophysicist and researcher, enrolled for MSc in Planetary Science with the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) commencing in September, 2023. I have presentations on astronomical topics for Malawi Astronomical Society. I have lead in many hydrological studies at Plan International and the University of Malawi. I am working on constructing the first astronomical observatory research center in Malawi to help high school and college students with a passion in astronomy



Experienced geo-scientist and planetary researcher with considerable teaching and research skills in areas such as:

  • Earth sciences and systems: Hydrology, geomorphology, geophysics, rock genesis. Currently conducting research on the impact of climate change on S. Rukulu river discharge. I did research in Mulanje on Latrine Survival during heavy rainfall and flooding due to 2015 floods
  • GIS & Remote Sensing: Geo-referencing, Cartographic analysis, ArcGIS, Ilwis, & satellite data analysis
  • Planetary science: Asteroid search, telescope observatory. I participated in 2021 asteroid search using Astrometric software with fellow African university students.
  • Data Management & Analysis– Geo Sciences data application