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miss Tlou Mabusela

Operations training officer, Rand Water




I'm currently an operations training officer at Rand Water, 1 month into the position. I was a Rand Water's process supervisor for the past 3 years with 5 people reporting under me ensuring the right quantity and quality of water is pumped to consumers. 2017 to 2018 i was a process quality advisor providing guidance to operations departmet with water quality variations. 2016 to 2017 i was a process controller treatment, mainly responsible for chemical dosing, lime slaking and raw water pumps start up and stops. I am a product of the Rand Water Academy, an anitiate which focuses on providing essential skills and proffesional registration of process controllers with WISA. I was in the programme from 2014 to 2016 as a graduate.



I am currently busy with my masters from the university of Pretoria (UP) investigating operational issues of shift workers in the science space. I hold a honours in engineering & technology management from UP, B-Tech operations management from VUT, B-Tech & N-diploma water care from TUT, faculty of sciences.



I am into both sciences and engineering which are well aligned with my current position in Rand Water and the forum itself. It would be a privilage to see lastest science update interms of research globally and find ways to remain competitive. Also, as a masters student, it opens up new ideas to tap into via research and how paper write ups are best exercuted.