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Professor Okechukwu Okeke

Professor, Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State


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I am a 61-year old Professor of History at Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. I have been a lecturer since 1987. My specialty is African history, with focus on 20th-century Nigeria. My major work in this area is A POLITICAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY OF ONITSHA. I delivered my inaugural lecture in September 2019. A copy of the lecture is in my university's website.


Due to the lack of specialists in many sub-fields of History in my country's universities, I have had to teach many courses outside my specialty, especially Ancient History, Middle East History, United States history, Latin History, and philosophy and methodology of History. I have published in some of these areas, too, with Nigerian-based publishers. 


I have been a keen observer of world affairs, with interest in international relations, inter-group relations, and political and economic development, and climate issues.  I am not ideologically fixated: my views are evidence-based and often contradict ideology-based views.  


I am personable. I relate well with persons of different backgrounds and interests. My temperament is suited to participation in organizations that are devoted to finding a common ground between radically different viewpoints and interests.


Like the historian that I am, I write in everyday language, using mainly common sense, rather than theoretical, explanations. I am good at writing for the "general reader".


I am a practicing Christian. I am married with children.