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Ms Nancy Potokwane

Research student, Nelson Mandela University


Name: Nancy Potokwane … (more)

Name: Nancy Potokwane

Occupation: Advanced Midwife and Neonatal Nursing Practitioner.

Personal statement:

*I work under the ministry of health in hospital services in a maternity unit.

* I have worked in different public health facilities in the country, delivering skills and knowledge gained more experience and supervising the maternal health care services and programs.

* I am highly committed and motivated to take up new ideas for the benefit of others and the country at large. I am inspired to bring change.

Career objectives:

1. To make difference by providing strategic guidance to matters pertaining to clinical maternal healthcare practice.

2. To work in a challenging environment that will further develop my knowledge and skills.

Academic profile:

1. Bcur Hons in Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Science @ Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa).

2. Diploma in Midwifery @ Insitute of Health Sciences (Botswana).

3. Diploma in General Nursing @ Institute of Health Sciences (Botswana).

4. Certificate in Enrolled Nursing @ Institute of Health Sciences (Botswana).

Current status:

Master of Nursing (Research dissertation)  Student @ Nelson Mandela Univerity (South Africa).

Employment positions:

1. Nursing Officer 1

2. Nursing Officer 11

3. Senior Registered Nurse/ midwife

4. Registered Nurse

5. Senior Enrolled Nurse

6. Enrolled Nurse

Employment experience:

1. Clinical Audit Lead Person.

2. Quality Improvement Management COmmitte Member.

3. Coordinating quality improvement projects in the district working at.

4. Developed clinical audit standard of operation (sop) for the hospital and district working at.

5. Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal care( EmNoc) (TOT).