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Dr Clarissa Rios Rojas

Research Associate, University of Cambridge (UK)


Dr Rios Rojas is a science diplomat, a government science advisor and, currently, a Research… (more)

Dr Rios Rojas is a science diplomat, a government science advisor and, currently, a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (University of Cambridge) where she works at the interface of science and policymaking. Clarissa conducts research on the risks coming from emerging technologies and also builds Science-Policy interfaces that can provide scientific evidence and advice to different policy stakeholders (public sector, businesses and civil society).Clarissa has worked closely with different international organizations building programs for women's economic empowerment (UN Women), writing white papers on policy for economic transformation and frontier risks (WEF's Future Councils), collaborating on the production of reports on Foresight (G20, WHO), leading Science Government Advice workshops (Global Young Academy/INGSA), mentoring scientists in the Global South (UN's Biological Convention Program), among others. She is also an expert advisor for the OECD (on Global Catastrophic Risks), the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Advisory Board (on Effective Multilateralism), the UK parliament (bill on Future Generations) and the UNDRR (new scientific agenda for the Sendai Framework).Previously to CSER, Clarissa got a PhD in Molecular Biology and a master's degree in biomedicine & neuroscience, she also worked at the Ministry of Environment (Peru), The European Commission's science and knowledge service (EU Science Hub), the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (Switzerland), and the University of Queensland (Australia).Her current work is focused on a variety of topics such as foresight, international security, risks of emerging technologies, science diplomacy, foresight, co-creation of policy and management of Global Risks (such as nuclear war, the misuse of Artificial Intelligence, bioweapons, human-engineered pandemics, etc). Her personal website is: www.clarissarios.com